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From Rouyn-Noranda to the World: Finding Value in MBI Global’s Logistics Chain

Sealion Cargo | June 15 2021
From Rouyn-Noranda to the World: Finding Value in MBI Global’s Logistics Chain

From Rouyn-Noranda to the World:
Finding Value in MBI Global’s Logistics Chain

Our Project Cargo team at Sealion loves the challenge of shipping large and high-value equipment with precision. We don’t just move Project Cargo, our team is always looking for supply chain efficiencies. After working on several shipments with MBI Global, Sealion was able to identify a key supply chain improvement.

MBI requires high attention to detail when moving their expensive and sensitive equipment. Even one damaged piece of drill equipment can cause massive delays to a drilling program. During the current precious metals bull market, these delays can end up costing millions in shareholder value.

One of MBI Global’s assay drills.

How we Solved the Problem

MBI noticed that on some shipments, their drilling products were arriving at destination with slight damage or rust. Once they brought this up to our Project Cargo team lead Alexandre Vieriea, his team tapped into our global network of suppliers. A few days later, Alex found a shipping partner that understood the specific requirements for MBI’s sensitive equipment.

“We believe price is important but providing value is better” says Vieria. “For MBI, we found a shipping partner that believed in doing the job right, not for the lowest cost or time. Any damage or delays end up costing everyone.” Alex and teammate Mark Kolodiejski got to work right away to ensure MBI’s next shipment arrived in perfect condition.

Mark’s experience in Blocking, Bracing, and space allocation allowed him to develop a solid plan. Using higher quality wood and finely calculated organizational layouts, Mark was able to fit more drilling rods and bundles into a single container while improving overall safety and integrity.

This ended up being a short-term budget increase, but over multiple shipments actually decreased MBI’s cost. Additionally, shipment safety had been improved for both the product and the receiver off-loading products at the destination.

Why Does MBI Continue to Partner with Sealion?

We asked MBI why they continue to work with Sealion. “With time, we were able to create a real partnership. Sealion understand the nature of our business, it is fast pace and we need quality. This team is always there to support us” Says Alex Binnie. “This makes Sealion a great partner in providing a global and efficient logistics chain to our clients.”

It’s not just MBI Drilling, many other companies trust Sealion to take responsibility for their crucial shipments. Whether your consumable drilling products are going to Val-d’Or, Peru or Vladivostok, Sealion finds the best, safest route to get them there. Find out how we can help you unlock the value in your supply chain by contacting us.

In 2019, we visited MBI’s facility in Quebec.

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