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Born Local, Growing International.

In the beginning, a small team had a big idea: to personalize the global movement of cargo and in doing so give people access to international opportunity.

That team became Sealion Cargo, the idea took shape and what began in Canada soon went global.

We have created an arena in which the transportation of freight facilitates the success of businesses; an international connectivity where large aspirations are packed and transported from one corner of the world to another.

In our community, the foreign is familiar, destinations open to new beginnings, and businesses reach their highest potential. The new entrepreneur, the emerging business, the established shipper: Sealion Cargo is your route forward.


To the World
and Back.


Tailormade Solutions

The best price and just the right fit for our clients’ budgets, deadlines and mode of shipments.


An open, approachable team that makes the process simple and intuitive.


Constant support and help managing the process and navigating the industry.


The People Behind the Name.

Global specialists have been brought together to create an authority of knowledge.

Handpicked for their strengths and expertise, our service professionals share a strong, personal commitment to each client. We go to great lengths to ensure the perfect solution is presented in the most efficient way and executed with our unequivocal support.


Our Roots Run Far and Deep.

Our partners comprise a broad network of the industry’s best. We design solutions around their competitive strengths and in turn, they, the respected many, carry them and our values across borders and countries to the world at large.

Sealion Cargo is an integral part of numerous associations that aim to streamline and innovate the international shipping process. Membership enables us to grow our network of partners and align ourselves with those best suited to our client’s particular needs.


Envision Your Future Through Our Past.


A look at some of the business cases that are characteristic of Sealion Cargo. Expect more of the same.


This case starts with a great example of how Sealion rapidly adapted to a major change in global supply routes on behalf of KOTN, and ends with a 7-year old lending a helping hand on Christmas Eve.


We know first-hand that KOTN, a provider of ethically made essentials derived from authentic Egyptian cotton, is true to its mantra. Not only because Rami and his team genuinely personify everything the brand itself represents, but because we’re helping them move materials from Egyptian farms and factories to their stores in Canada.

Lufthansa, EgyptAir; CAI-FRA-YYZ, CAI-YUL-YYZ: if you’re in the airfreight business you know these routes: they were the ones on which KOTN’s products made their way to Canada, until the day when their services were all suspended due to security concerns. Cargo chaos ensued. Dedicated air-freighter services like Cargolux were the only carriers—at exorbitant prices and delays that approached regular Ocean services. Neither of these facts worked for KOTN’s supply chain. They can hardly keep up with sales in normal times and, as luck would have it, the very next shipment was to cover the final Christmas sales rush and prepare for Boxing Day (what better to get your loved one than a cozy, super-high quality essential).

Sealion recognized an ‘out of the box’ solution was needed and went to work. 48 hours later, 53 boxes were moving at half the Cargolux rates via an air-bridge we created with a partner in Morocco. The goods landed in Morocco, were cleared by Morocco customs, had their re-export documentation prepared, and on their way to Pearson within 18 hours.

There was only one problem: the re-routing resulted in the flight arriving on Christmas Day. Understanding the critical nature of the shipment, the Sealion team once again rose to the occasion. Within hours of the cargo having left Morocco, Sealion was coordinating for our pick-up team to be ready at YYZ. Jose, Christopher, and his six-year-old daughter, Josie, donned Christmas elves hats and awaited the aircraft at Air Canada Cargo Terminal, while our team cleared the goods in flight. The plane touched down and our dynamic team sprang into action, inspecting and ‘hand-bombing’ the 53 cartons into a trailer within mere minutes and made a straight line for KOTN Warehouse. The next morning the goods were on the shelves for Boxing Day. Note: We have pictures of us picking-up cargo at YYZ


It is not every day that we get to solve freight problems as big as this one. Sears Canada faced a massive challenge when their entire seasonal product lines were delayed in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). Multiple ocean containers worth of cargo were at risk of missing in-house dates by weeks, if not the entire season. Marketing campaigns had been launched and some of the lines were in very high demand. It was clear that air was the only option, however, no single carrier was going to offer even 10% of the space needed and at rates over 100x the traditional ocean mode of transport.


Within two days, Sealion submitted their proposal to Sears Canada’s Procurement and Logistics Team and our Director, Christopher, flew to Myanmar to meet up with Sears Canada’s Procurement Specialist already on the ground. Sometimes, there is nothing like boots on the ground—and this was clearly going to be one of those cases.

The first challenge was finding the space, and this is where partner relationships matter. Sealion Cargo’s local partner was also the exclusive local sales office for the most direct carrier, Qatar Cargo. While the bidding and logistics took place to get the most urgent Purchase Orders spread across the next five Qatar flights, Sealion and its local partner went to work on getting the rest of the cargo moving. Within days, we organized a flotilla of both small-body aircraft and trucks to bring the rest of the cargo 1000km to the next major cargo hub in Bangkok, Thailand.

Three weeks, 75000 CBM, 43 flights and dozens of 3am conference calls later, the project was a resounding success—and under budget.


Be Part of the Global Answer.

We are always looking for talented people to join our dynamic team. If you would like to become part of multicultural, multilingual Sealion, please submit your resume and we will be in touch shortly.

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Sealion Cargo is always looking for talented individuals to join the team. Email us your resume, and if we think you’re a good fit, we’ll be sure to get in touch. We’re excited to hear from you and look forward to seeing what you can bring to our company.

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Sealion Cargo is moving cargo 24 hours of the day, seven days a week. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments you may have. We’ll be in touch.

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